Twins at Cracker Barrel

It’s hot and windy in Iowa

Gretchen at Breadico, Sioux Falls SD

View of the Missouri River

June 21, 2017
We got in late and got right to sleep last night. We had a quick breakfast and hit the road around 9, we’re trying to make it to South Dakota today, almost 800 miles!

We listened to some of Robby’s tragic/comic 70s truck driving collection to start our day, peppered with some George Jones and Buck Owens. Gretchen sang her own country song, that went something like “I’m away from home but my dog misses me”.
Lunch in St. Joseph Missouri at a Cracker Barrel, the kids’ first, and we played the peg game, where we found out that Desmond is a genius! The kids now love Cracker Barrel, in part because they have a gift shoppe conveniently located at the front of the store.

We took a right turn at Kansas City and headed north, finding more corn growing, and oddly enough didn’t even drive into the state of Kansas. The rolling hills of Missouri changed to flatter lands growing more corn. We followed the Missouri River and we talked about the Lewis and Clark expedition, and headed north to South Dakota.

We ate delicious pizza and spaghetti at this great converted train depot in downtown Sioux Falls called “Breadico,” it was a nice break. Then we headed west toward Wall, South Dakota. The trees faded away and we were left with the Great Plains, ┬ávast expanses of rolling grasslands. At sunset we stopped at a rest area at Chamberlain and saw a monument to Sacajawea and the Lewis and Clark expedition.
Another 4 hour drive took us to Wall, South Dakota, where we checked in to the Best Western, very tired.