We’re taking a huge cross country road trip to visit national parks this summer. We decided to do this when we heard of the national parks’ “Every Kid In A Park” program, where all fourth-graders and their families can get into any national park for free. What a great excuse to go see the nation’s parks!

We’re going to spend three weeks traveling from North Carolina to Wyoming and back, visiting national parks, monuments, oddball sites, and local restaurants.

We hope to post frequently, but our main objective is to see and experience this great land of ours, so we may not post every day.


–Robby, Desmond, Gretchen, and Lynne

Now meet your tour guides, Creekside Elementary 4th graders:


Desmond, age 10

This is Desmond. When asked what are the three things he’s most looking forward to on our trip,  he said: “the car trip, camping, and playing ‘The Floor Is Lava’.”

Gretchen, age 10

This is Gretchen. She just passed the fourth grade with flying colors. The three things she’s looking forward to on the trip are: “whittling, hiking, and experiencing the wild around me.”